What's Happening in your Grade in November?


FIRST GRADE November is a month of Thanksgiving. We will be doing many activities that focus on Thanksgiving. We will be studying about customs and traditions such as popcorn and butter making. We will also be studying nutrition--learning the food pyramid and understanding what kinds of foods we should be eating to live a healthy lifestyle. We will also be learning about good hygiene--being good to your nose and cold prevention. We always encourage our students and their parents to read at home to reinforce the skills taught at school.

As we head into November, SECOND GRADERS will be learning about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims in Reading and Language Arts. In Math, we will be extending our present skills with money and measuring. We will continue to practice adding and subtracting with two and three digits (without regrouping). We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

THE THIRD GRADE would like to thank the Rotary Club for donating dictionaries to our students. They are becoming better at spelling and writing because of them. We are also excited to meet with parents for Parent Teacher Conferences. This year the 3rd grade is going on a field trip to the Clark Planetarium. Tracks A and B are going on Tuesday, November 23rd. Our team wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

FOURTH GRADE Tips for not being a TURKEY in 4th grade this month:

wenty minutes or reading a night.
Use common sense and dress for the weather
Recorders will be ordered
Keep practicing multiplication facts
Everyone come to Parent Teacher Conferences
Yearn to learn!

FIFTH GRADERS continue to work hard. In math we're tackling long division and beginning fractions. Colonial America will come alive for students in Social Studies. Many 5th graders are learning their states, capitals, and postal abbreviations. Mrs. Onaderra, our literacy specialist, is helping our students become fantastic writers. She's especially focusing on persuasive writing with them to prepare them for our State Writing Assessment we will take in February. Continue to encourage your students to study weekly spelling and vocabulary words and be prepared on all their book reports and poem recitations. We're proud of how hard our students are working!

Did you know that SIXTH GRADE has a Guidance Program? We meet together as a grade and discuss how important it is to show kindness and respect for others. We focus on a specific character trait each session. These include extending the hand of friendship, responsibility, integrity, individual differences, bullying, moving past mistakes, setting goals, truthfulness, etc. Sometimes we even have guest speakers present these important messages. We have really seen a difference in the way the kids interact and treat each other! We enjoy working with your awesome kids!