Thanksgiving Recess Reminder

There is no school Thursday and Friday, November 26 & 27.

Wednesday, November 25, will be an early out day. It will follow the Friday early out schedule.

1st - 6th out at 1:25pm
Kindergarten am 8:25-10:25
Kindergarten pm 11:25-1:25


Reflections Winners Announced

We'd like to thank everyone who helped with this year's Reflections program. Our PTA Reflections Commissioner Amy Peterson and her committee worked tirelessly to put on the program this year. We received over 400 entries!

Unfortunately we can only send 5 entries in each category on to the Council level of judging. We wish we could send on every entry; there were so many good ones our judges had a very hard time deciding!

Here is a list of the entries that will be moving on to Council, and also the entries that received Honorable Mentions.

Next year's theme is: "Together We Can"


3D Art winners, moving on in the competition:

Megan B, 4th grade

Kayla H, 5th grade

Russell M, 3rd grade

Isabelle N, 1st grade

Garrett P, 2nd grade

3D Art Honorable Mention:

Karlee C, 3rd grade

Allie C, 3rd grade

Ashlie C, 6th grade

Emily E, 3rd grade

Thomas R, 4th grade

Visual Arts winners:

Kaden B, 1st grade

Nathan B, 4th grade

Kaitie C, 1st grade

Courtney D, 5th grade

Kylee W, 6th grade

Visual Arts Honorable Mention:

Dallin A 3rd grade

Rowen B 2nd grade

Madeline B, 3rd grade

Zachary B, 2nd grade

Tana C, 6th grade

Megan D, 3rd grade

Madison G, 5th grade

Katelin G, 3rd grade

Alyssa H, 3rd grade

Katelyn M, 4th grade

Dallin S, 6th grade

Lauren T, 6th grade

Dance Winners:

Katie C, 1st grade

Ella D, 3rd grade

Katelyn G, 3rd grade

Blake P, 1st grade

Reina P, 3rd grade

Literature Winners:

Brooke B, 6th grade

David E, 2nd grade

Amanda L, 1st grade

Kaitlyn S, 1st grade

Richard S, 3rd grade

Literature Honorable Mentions:

Zachary B, 2nd grade

Marin M, 5th grade

Garrett P 2nd grade

Elise S 6th grade

Music Winners:

Lauren A, 6th grade

Anna E, 5th grade

Rachel K, 6th grade

Reina P, 3rd grade

Richard S, 3rd grade

Music Honorable Mentions:

Katelyn M, 4th grade

Garrett P, 2nd grade

Mason S, 5th grade

Film Winners:

Austin C, 2nd grade

Daniel N, 4th grade

Blake P, 1st grade

Garrett P, 2nd grade

Mason S, 5th grade

Theater Winners:

Ruth B, 4th grade

Blake P, 1st grade

Reina P, 3rd grade

Garrett P, 2nd grade

Photography Winners:

Samantha M, 1st grade

Miriam B, 6th grade

Lauren S, 6th grade

Mason S, 5th grade

JoAnne A1st grade

Photography Honorable Mentions:

Liberty S, Kindergarten

Kayla H, 5th grade

Austin J, 6th grade

Isaac S 2nd grade

Tanner D, 5th grade