SAFETY FIRST - Drop off and pick up reminders

Just a friendly reminder to parents about drop-off and pick-up rules at the school as more students are being driven to school in the winter months:

- Please ONLY use the roundabout on the North side of the school to drop-off and pick-up students.

- Please pull all the way forward before stopping to drop-off students.

- If you need to watch your student walk into the school, please park in the parking lot and watch from there, or park and accompany your student.

- Do not use the parking lot just to drop students off without parking. This is what the roundabout is for.

- Do not get out of your car in the roundabout. If you need to exit your vehicle to assist children, please park in the parking lot.

- Carpooling with others will help cut down on school traffic, try it!

thank you! we want all the students at Foothills to be safe!