PTA Needs You!

YOU Make a Difference! Be Part of your Child’s School Experience

The Foothills PTA needs your help! Our school’s PTA board for the 2011-2012 year does not have all of the positions filled.

If we don’t have a PTA board, we don’t have PTA programs for the year---thus no programs like Reflections, Red Ribbon Week, Student Recognition, Field Day, Book Fair and the PTA website. It doesn’t take any special skills or a lot of time. It only takes the desire to be part of your child’s school experience. Because of the money the PTA brings in, our children are able to go on field trips and have assemblies. If we don’t have a staffed PTA board the school will not be able to provide these field trips and assemblies.

You may think that you don’t need to get involved because there are so many other parents helping. But that isn’t true. The PTA board has very few parents who take an active roll in the PTA and it’s programs.

If you are interested in helping the school, the teachers and your child please circle any of the below positions, include your contact information and send this paper to school with your child. Or you can bring it into the office as well. If you have any questions you can email them to: foothillspta@gmail.com

President: Organizes and oversees PTA activities. Don’t let the title scare you.
President Elect: The President Elect will be the PTA President in 2012-2013.
Secretary: Keeps PTA volunteer time recorded.
Membership: Records membership information for the year.
Room Parent Coordinator: Oversees the Room Parent program.
Field Day Coordinator: Plans and runs Field Day.
Reflections Chair: In charge of the school Reflections program.
Book Fair Coordinator: Orders books and oversees Book fairs.


Box Tops and Campbell's Labels Spring Update

Our 2nd Annual Battle of the Box Tops and Labels ended on February 18th with the GIRLS winning. Mrs. Yost will the winning t-shirt "We Won! Girls Rule!" on Thursday the 24th of February. Foothills is the real winner though: $1200 in Box Tops and 3500 Campbell's Labels from this contest! Amazing! Way to go Mustangs! All that work cutting off Box Tops and Labels pays off! Just to show how wonderful Foothills is doing, of the 991 schools in Utah that participate in Box Tops for Education, Foothills Elementary School is ranked #20! For the 2010-11 school year we have a grand total of $3712 in Box Tops and 8020 Campbell's Labels. Thanks for your incredible support. Keep cutting those Box Tops and Labels - - the next contest will be in the fall of 2011!

In January, the teachers at Foothills Elementary were told they each get to spend $10 (per teacher) on whatever they chose for their class to spend the remaining Box Top money from 2009-10. Your children get the reward from all your hard work cutting and collecting Box Tops! As the teachers spend the remaining money we will report to you what each teacher purchases for their classroom. Here's what some teachers have purchased:

Ames (1st grade): Sequencing cards.
Fullmer (1st grade): Ruled chart tablet to write spelling words on.
Adams (2nd grade): Glue for glue gun; batteries for listening centers.
Craven (2nd grade): Rewards for literacy activity.
Eastman (2nd grade): Class rewards.
Weldy (3rd grade): Pencils grips.
4th grade Team: Treats and prizes for recorders.
Kovacs (5th grade): Foam board & brads to help each student make an electrical circuit house.
Alm (5th grade): Items for Friday's drawings.
Hebertson (5th grade): Binders & baskets for class organization & work.


Regional Reflections Winners

Several Foothills Students received Awards of Excellence at the Region 6 Reflections Awards Night last week, and will be going on to compete at the State level.

Katelyn M. "Best Friends"
Ellie P. "Together We Can"

Brianna D. "If We Hold On Together"

Kennedy C. "Together We Can Change The World"

Ruth B. "The Rabbit and The Squirrel"

Congratulations to all our Mustangs! To have five entries from our school move on to State competition is amazing!


What's Happening in your Grade in February?

In Kindergarten we will continue to do our mid-year testing. We will be looking forward to our Valentines Day party and will be leaning about Ground Hog Day. Reminder: Please be on time and make an effort to have your child present everyday. This will help your child not fall behind in academics and in testing. Thank you!

First Grade - no report.

It's time to get ready for Parent/Teacher Conferences for Second Graders. Look on Skyward to set up a time with your teacher. February is a short month bu full of many events. Valentine lists and party information will be sent out soon, so be on the look out for those. Other items that we will be working on are: Ground Hog's Day, A and B track music program on Feb. 3 at 2:30 pm, and President's Day. Your children are learning double digit adding and subtracting with regrouping (borrowing and carrying) and units of measurements.

Third Grade - no report.

Fourth Grade
February is the time, when we pass our valentines and say, "Be Mine!"
We have a party with a treat and a look at our cards, oh so neat.
Multiplication and division are some of the things we do in math,
Rocks and minerals, weather and soil, take us down a science path.
Remember to bring recorders and books,
Keep up on your lunch money and say thanks to our cooks.
Karate assemblies and mountain men too,
We're looking forward to springtime, how 'bout you?

The Fifth Grade started off the New Year by getting right back to work as the school year seems to be flying by! Our classes are working on division, probability and fractions. We are busy memorizing parts of American History for the Young American Award and learning songs for the assembly at the end of the year. Book reports and poem recitals continue and we can't wait for the weather to warm up enough to be outside for PE. Our annual Valentines Day Box Contest is fast approaching so start thinking of a fun idea for it!

On Feb. 11th the Sixth Grade is hosting a Masquerade Ball for our students! Both boys and girls will dress up for the event in their fine clothing and accouterments. They have creatively made detailed masks (Mardi Gras style) which will become part of their attire. Students have been working on several dance steps and styles to prepare for the extravaganza! This activity combines Social Studies Curriculum with dance (P.E. Physical Movement Curriculum). A magnificent, resplendent circumstance to be esteemed by all!