Red Ribbon Week October 4-8

I Aim to be Drug Free

Please take time to sign and return the Red Ribbon Pledge that accompanied your Red Ribbon week letter. All the student's pledges will be displayed on their classroom door.

Monday: "I Aim to be Cool and Drug Free"
Wear: Your cool shades (sunglasses) to school
Activity: Make a target and darts in your class to display in the cafeteria.

Tuesday: "I Aim to Put a Cap on Drugs"
Wear: Your favorite hat
Activity: Assembly

Wednesday: "I Aim to Sock it to Drugs"
Wear: Your craziest pair of socks, mismatched socks
Activity: Sock Hop, There will be fun music and events outside at recess.

Thursday: "I Aim to Turn My Back on Drugs"
Wear: Your shirt backwards
Activity: Fill balloons with classroom pledges

Friday: "I Aim to Take a Stand for a Drug Free Land"
Wear: Red White and Blue
Activity: Students who have family that are in the armed services, law enforcement or safety/protection professions are invited to come to school for lunch. Please sign up by Wednesday if you want to buy a school lunch. Don't forget to come dressed in uniform! We will also have fire fighters and their trucks on the playground at lunch recess. Students can take the opportunity to visit with these heroes in our community and tell them thanks.