What's Happening in Your Grade in October?

From last year’s box tops collections, teachers were able to spend 2$ per student. In each grade’s report are some of the things they have purchased thus far.

In October KINDERGARTEN will center many activities around the upcoming holiday of Halloween. We will continue to spotlight a letter each day. We will be learning spooky songs and participating in our fun Halloween party that we have planned. A unit that we will be focusing on is Autumn. We will be learning the different characteristics of the current season.

Box Tops: Colvin: Train/map set for geography & social studies; construction sets for fine motor skills.

In FIRST GRADE Our first grade students will be doing lots of exciting things in October. We will be learning about fire safety and the season of fall. We will be participating in the Red Ribbon Week activities and talking about taking care of our bodies. We will be doing some fun Halloween learning activities as well!

During October, SECOND GRADERS will continue to work on learning new skills with reading, language arts and math. We will be exploring a new part of our curriculum--outer space. We are continuing to practice for our music program in the new year. October is a fun month with Halloween activities and our first party. Please continue to have your children read 20 minutes a day and complete their weekly homework packets.

Box Tops: Eastman: Organizing tubs for math games and centers.

The THIRD GRADE is super excited about the Jog-A-Thon. Thank you for your support in this awesome fundraising activity! We are also pleased to announce the classes that had 10 days of perfect attendance: Miss Gilan, Ms. Droz, Ms. Webster and Mrs. Weldy. The classes are doing an awesome job collecting box tops and Campbell soup labels. We are off to an awesome start and look forward to conferences with you in November.

Box Tops: Webster: Notebook/composition books for reading, math and science; folders for each student and stickers/erasers. Weldy: Tools and materials to make artist trading cards. Gilan: Notebooks, pens, markers, and erasers.

FOURTH GRADE will be working on many things during October: addition, subtraction, multiplication, Native Americans, Mountain Men, Utah environments, rocks and minerals, and much more. Watch for information about Halloween parties - D track will have theirs before they go off track. 4th graders on tracks A, B, and C will present a short Halloween program after the parade on Friday, October 29. As is starts to get colder, please send your child to school appropriately dressed for the weather.

Box Tops: D. Brown: Electric pencil sharpener, recordable DVDs and DVD cases. Draper: Folders, colored pencils, positive stickers, twizzlers and name tags. White: Foam dice, playing cards (both for math box homework) and Torch Awards Medals for making homework goals.

FIFTH GRADE is working busily in many subject areas. We are working hard in writing with Mrs. Onederra. She is our school's reading specialist and is working twice a week with each class to make them EXCELLENT writers. We enjoy having her expertise in our school. We are continually working hard in math; learning more about graphs, addition and subtracting whole numbers and decimals as well as multiplication. Most classes are studying Changing of the Earth's Surfaces for Science. We’re having a great learning year with fantastic students!!

Box Tops: Alm: Friday's rewards and Friday's drawing items. Hebertson: Candy for Friday reward activities and for drawings. Opie: Candy for rewards and auctions; marbles and buckets for incentive program.

SIXTH GRADE is planning a Star Party! We have been studying stars and constellations in science class and now we can put our new knowledge to practice! On Oct. 11 at dusk, we have invited the Salt Lake Astronomical Society to bring their professional telescopes and let all sixth graders and their families look through them. They will answer our questions and teach us even more about the moon, planets, star clusters, other galaxies, nebulas, binary stars, etc. We realize this is a school night (Monday), however, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of our students to look through these types of telescopes. To add to the good time, we have made plans to sell doughnuts, drinks, and glow lights. The Foothills 6th Grade Star Party should be an exciting event that you won't want to miss. We hope to see you there!