What's Happening in Your Grade in May?


May is a busy month! FIRST GRADERS will be studying the butterfly life cycle by watching caterpillars go through metamorphosis. We will also be learning about plants, bubbles, and participating in other fun activities. During May, we will be doing some end of year reading and math testing. Please remember to keep reading at home so your child continues to see growth. We are also asking that parents remind their children to follow the school safety rules while on the school grounds. One way is by using the crosswalks when coming and going to school and not going out into traffic to get to the parking lot. This month we will also be going on our field trip to Thanksgiving Point. Watch your child's backpack for more information on this!

May will be another active month for us in Second Grade. We will be visiting the Butterfield Farm on the 4th of May. Thanks to all of you who have volunteered to help with our field trips this year. Your help certainly allows everyone to enjoy them. On May 6th, your children on tracks B and C will be presenting their biographies for the wax museum. Tracks A and D will present at a later date. Check with your teachers for the date. Parents are invited to attend at 8:45 am. All tracks will be completing the end of the year testing. Pals, Fontas and Pinnell, the district reading tests and district Math assessments will be administered this month. Please make sure your students are on time and at school everyday.

THIRD GRADE no report.

In May, FOURTH GRADERS will be reviewing for and taking the end-of-level tests. Please make sure your child is here at school on time every day during review and testing times!! A and B tracks will be testing May 10-20, C and D tracks will test May 25 - June 9. We want all of our students to do the best they can on these tests so make sure they are well rested every night and eat a nutritious breakfast every morning. A and B tracks will be celebrating their Pioneer Day on May 20. Watch for information about this fun day. On May 31, A and C tracks will be going on a field trip to the John Hutchings Museum. Thank you for all you do to support your child and their teachers!

FIFTH GRADERS are reviewing many math and science topics so we'll be ready to tackle our End of Year CRT tests in May and June. We'll be experts on fractions, decimals, surface area, volume, heredity, physical & chemical changes, and lots more! We're learning about the U.S. and its role in World War I and World War II. We're becoming experts on one of the 50 states and learning about its history, economy, famous people, etc. We're singing patriotic songs and finishing up our Young American Award items. When the warm weather finally comes, we'll be playing softball. We are very busy, so be sure to be at school every day ready to learn and work hard!

SIXTH GRADE No report.

May Lunch Menu

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On the information bar above is a link to a printable lunch deposit slip. Deposit slips are also available in the front office.

"When making lunch deposits, students must bring cash or check and a deposit slip in a sealed envelope or baggie. The following information should be included on a deposit slip: Student's first and last name, personal lunch account number, grade, teacher, check #, and total dollar amount for each child. You can fill out one deposit slip for all of your children with one check." Foothills Cafeteria

Cost for a lunch is $1.75 per day or $8.75 a week. Reduced lunch is $.40 per day or $2.00 a week.

Please note that payments through the online "Pay Pams" service can take several days to process. Please make online deposits a week in advance.