What's Happening in Your Grade in September?

In KINDERGARTEN we will be working on the following— Math: Numbers 0-10 (recognition and making sets); Language Arts: We will concentrate on one letter each day in the alphabet. To help us learn our alphabet we will be singing songs, doing activities based around each letter and working on writing our letters the correct way; Writing: We will learn how to write our name
the proper way. Many fun activities are planned based around Fall. By December your child should know all their Alphabet and half of their letter sounds.

In FIRST GRADE we have been busy learning rules, reviewing the alphabet, beginning and ending sounds as well as short vowel sounds, learning numbers to 30 and skip counting. We will be learning numbers to 40 and reviewing patterns. We are beginning rotations and parent
volunteers. Contact your teacher if you would like to help in the classroom. Remember to read every night, complete your homework and return on Fridays. Help your child get enough sleep each night. First grade is much longer than they are used to and they need energy
to focus on important concepts through the day. We are also practicing for the jog-a-thon by running one lap each morning at recess. Please have your child wear running shoes.

SECOND GRADERS are spectacular! We look forward to a new year with your children. Mrs. Janet Craven and Mrs. Mindy Eastman have joined our second grade team. They have been long-time Foothills staff members. Teachers are getting acquainted with their classroom children and have been busy testing reading and math skills. Students have new Rocket Math goals
and are soaring to them. If you have questions about any part of procedures or curriculum, please contact your child's teacher.

The Third Grade is "Off to Adventure". We have been reading: The Lost and Found, Mulan and The Waterfall. Students are graphing and rounding like champions. We are thrilled to meet our new room parents. We are getting pumped up for the Jog-A-Thon and are excited
to participate. Thanks PTA for all the help you give to the students and the staff.

WELCOME TO FOURTH GRADE! We're excited to be learning a lot of things this year. In math we will be doing multiplication and division. Start the year off right by practicing
multiplication facts daily. Remember to read for at least 20 minutes every night and record it on your reading calendar. In science this year we will be studying rocks, minerals,
soil, fossils, weather, water cycle, and Utah environments. Remember to be to school by 8:25 so each class can earn their attendance incentives. Let's have a great year!

THE FIFTH GRADE is off to a fantastic start! We'd like to welcome BACK Mr. Stirland to our team! He taught 5/6 grades when Foothills opened and it’s fun having him back. Fifth grade gets right to work each year with reciting poems and presenting book reports as well as starting to learn the requirements for the Young American Award. We are also excited to have Mrs.
Onederra, the new literacy facilitator, teaching and working with us in preparation for the DWA (the writing test given in February). We look forward to a full and fabulous year!

SIXTH GRADE is planning a field trip to the Utah State Fair on September 14th. September 24th is a Mustang Market activity. Students will run a business. The Star Party is set for October 11th when telescopes will be available to view the night sky.


Red Ribbon Week October 4-8

Here is a sneak peek at Red Ribbon Week, coming up October 4-8.

The theme for this year is
I Aim to be Drug Free!

We'll get things started with an assembly on Monday with "The Return of Captain Drug Free."

On Wednesday we'll have a Sock Hop.

On Friday we look forward to our annual lunch with military and law enforcement parents and friends.

We have even more things in the works for this fun week. What a great time to remind our children to stay drug free!

Check future PTA newsletters and this website for more information and updates.

Box Top Contest in Full Swing

Hey - - cut that out! The Box Tops and Campbell's Labels Fall Contest starts Aug 23rd! It will end at the start of school on October 8th! Get your scissors out and get clipping Box Tops and Campbell's Labels! Glue the Box Tops and Labels to collection sheets or simply put them in a ziploc bag and turn them in to your teacher! (Links to Box Top collection sheets and Campbell's Labels product lists can be found at the Foothills PTA website.)

The winning class will receive mini-pumpkins and a story from Mrs. Yost. (Feel free to ask your grandparents and other relatives to help your class win!)

UPDATE: The teachers at Foothills Elementary were recently told they each get to spend $2 per student (in their class this year) on whatever they choose. Your children get the reward from all your hard work cutting and collecting Box Tops! As the teachers spend their money we will report to you what each teacher purchases for their classroom.

Here's what teachers have purchased so far:

Foster (Kndrgrtn): Train set for centers.

The 1st Grade Team: Rhythm sticks/CD, wrist ribbons, class sets of magnifying glasses, egg shakers (rhythm), dance CD (for no gym day for PE), label maker, phonics CD. Craven (2nd grade): "Guess My Number" math learning game, shelf for calendar, whole group activities.
Finlay, N. (2nd grade): A paper binding machine for her class.

Redd (2nd grade): Class rewards and incentives, books.
Taylor (2nd grade): Classroom store incentives for turning in homework, following rules, being responsible, etc.

Thomas (2nd grade): Toys and candy used as an incentive in treasure box.
Droz (3rd grade): Composition books for math, journals, glue sticks, markers, colored pencils, theme books for Liberal Arts.

Glattli (3rd grade): "Milk" crates for files (independent work), pencil boxes for each child to use, highlighters, notebook binders.

Haynie (4th grade): Glue sticks, markers, notebooks.
Rowntree (5th grade): Small treats for reward activity which is given out each week for students who complete their work.

Stirland (5th grade): Markers, glue, colored pencils, crayons, treat rewards for Young American Award.
The 6th Grade Team: A bowling pin set so during the winter they will have another fun PE game in the gym. Bowling also incorporates math skills.


Note from the PTA

(This article also appeared in the August Newsletter)

Welcome back to school! Start off the new school year with a commitment to become involved. A great way to be involved with your child’s education is to sign up for PTA!

Send an email to foothills.pta@gmail.com to get started. There are benefits to being a part of the PTA (programs with HP Academy Store, Metlife, Sharp televisions, vacation packages with SouthWest Airlines, and T-Mobile!). Learn more by visiting the national PTA site.

Within the PTA there are many ways to become involved. One way is by signing up for PTA committees. See [the newsletter - or send a note to the email above] for contact information on available committees. The PTA board is also still looking for a “President Elect”. If you are interested, please contact Allison Strang.

Please volunteer in the classroom! Sign up to help out monthly, every other week, or weekly. Contact your room parent, and if there isn’t a room parent already, volunteer to do that! The teachers can always use our help and the kids love to see the parents involved. Those who are unsupervised with children (on the playground, testing in the hallways, etc) need to be fingerprinted. This can be done FREE of charge at the Jordan District offices at 7387 S. Campus View Drive (Jordan Landing). Contact the front office for more information.

Note: For more information about the Districts new volunteer fingerprinting policy see this article posted last fall.

We have made every effort to ensure that all links leaving this site are appropriate. Foothills PTA cannot be held responsible for information found on other web sites.

Campbell's Soup Labels for Education

This year our school is going to take advantage of free educational supplies we can earn with Campbell's labels. With enough labels our school can qualify for art, athletic and educational equipment.

Please cut out labels and turn them into the collection box by the front office in an envelope or zip-lock bag. It is not necessary to attach them to a collection sheet. However, if you choose to use a collection sheet please do not use excessive amounts of tape or staples.

1 pt Soup Label Collection Sheet (pdf from Campbell's site)

5 pt Soup Label Collection Sheet (pdf from Campbell's site)

Please be sure to cut out just the UPC symbol (not the entire label).

From the Campbell's Website:

Dear Parents:

The Labels for EducationSM program is a great way to get FREE merchandise for our school and it's even better this year. With your help, we can make this year the best ever! Participating in the program is easy — simply save proofs of purchase from participating Campbell products and send them to our school. Some of the products eligible for redemption during the 2009-2010 program year include:

  • Campbell's® soups
  • SpaghettiOs® Pasta
  • Campbell's® beans, gravies, and canned pasta
  • Prego® Italian sauces
  • Swanson® broths and canned poultry
  • Campbell's® tomato juice
  • Pepperidge Farm® breads, cookies, crackers, and frozen products
  • Campbell's Foodservice products

Campbell's has made it easier for f to reach our collection goals with products worth 5 points! The following products are worth 5 points for the 2009-2010 program year:

  • 26 varieties of condensed soup in specially marked cans
  • All Campbell’s® Microwavable Soups
  • All V8® Soups
  • All Campbell’s® Select Harvest™ Soups
  • SpaghettiOs® Pasta (Original and Meatball)

Visit labelsforeducation.com for a complete list of eligible products and point values.

Help multiply our efforts by asking your friends and family to collect proofs of purchase on behalf of our school.

Thanks so much for your support. Together with Campbell's Labels for Education — we can build a better school for our children.

This site makes every effort to make safe and appropriate links to other websites. Foothills PTA, however, can not be held responsible for information on other sites.


Jordan School District New Volunteer Policy

(This article was posted Sep '09, but is a good reminder for the new school year)

If you've come into the school lately to volunteer, you've been asked to fill out a new volunteer form. You may have noticed some changes in what you are permitted to do as well. Here is some info on Jordan School District's new Volunteer Policy.

If you are coming into school to work with children in the classroom, you will be asked to fill out the "Volunteer Information" form. Copies of this form are available at the office, or you can view a copy online at the Jordan School District site. This form is filed with Foothills. After completing this form you can work with children in the presence of a teacher (not in the hallway or another room).

If you work with children outside the supervision of a teacher, like in the hallway or another room, you must also complete a "Volunteer Eligibility" form, submit to a background check, and have your fingerprints taken at the district offices (there is no charge to you for the fingerprinting). This form is filed with Jordan School District.

Office workers will ask for ID from any volunteer they do not recognize. Both forms must be renewed annually.

A teacher may request that you get the fingerprinting and background check done to make the most of your volunteer time, but they can not require it; it is voluntary. Volunteers that would be hosting holiday parties or other activities where the teacher is NOT present must file the 'Volunteer Eligibility' form with the District.

As always, volunteers must check in and out at the front office and wear an ID sticker.

For more information visit the Jordan School District site.

Thanks to Carolyn at the front office for providing clarification about this new policy for this article.

Notes from a Librarian: Books for Beginning Readers

As a new school year begins there is a new crop of children who will be learning to read for the first time. For some, learning to read is relatively simple. They learn amazingly quickly and enjoy the process. For others it is not so simple. Here are some ideas you can do as a parent, grandparent or caregiver to help a child who is learning to read.

It is important for children to learn the sounds associated with each letter. To teach this to my children I used inexpensive plastic letters with magnets in them. One game we would play is that I would get a simple sock puppet and then scatter the plastic letters on the carpet. I would have the puppet say, “I’m hungry, I want to eat a letter that says Buh.” If the child chooses a B then the puppet says, “Yum yum, that was delicious,” and puts the letter in the letter box. But if the child gives the puppet a different letter the puppet spits it out “Oh, yuck, that letter says, SSSS, not Buh.” Of course, the kids loved giving the puppet the wrong letter, but they were still learning the letter sounds.

Another magnet letter game I used to do while making dinner. I had all the letters in a container by the fridge. The child could arrange the letters on the fridge in any order that they wanted. Then I would have to try to sound out the “word” the child had made. Of course, the kids try to make long “words” that will stump mom. I run my finger under each letter as I sound it out. This teaches letter sounds, and also how to sound out a word.

Another fun way to teach letter sounds is to choose a special letter of the day. Try to find the chosen letter on street signs or on cereal boxes that day. Choose foods for lunch that start with that letter. Pick out toys from the toy box that start with that sound, and wear clothes that are a color that starts with the special letter. The next day, choose a different letter of the day.

It is important for children to learn how to sound out words, but in the end they need to memorize the most common words in order for their reading to become fluent. The more of the high frequency words that they are able to memorize, the easier it will be for them to read. One way to memorize high frequency words is to choose one of the child’s favorite picture books. Then choose one or two common words and invite the child to “read” that word whenever you get to it in the story. Run your finger under the words as you read, but when you get to the special word, pause, and let the child say the word. The next time you read that book, choose one or two other words that the child can “read.”

The library has a section of beginning readers. Many of the books are, frankly, not that exciting. There are some, however, that are fun to read. Here are a couple of my favorite beginning readers.

Minnie and Moo (series) by Cazat
These are not for a really new reader, but a reader who already knows many of the high frequency words. They have funny and very intelligent storylines for an easy reader. The pictures are funny too.

The Elephant and Piggie (series) by Mo Willems.
This is a new series. My favorite is “There’s a Bird on Your Head!” It has very few words, and the words are all easy, but the story is hilarious. I have used this as a read aloud for older school children and they love it.

Don’t Cut My Hair (and other Hello Reader books by Hans Wilhelm)
These books feature a very cute white dog. In this book the dog gets a haircut and is all embarrassed about it. In another one, the dog looses a tooth. The text is very simple, with lots of visual clues from the pictures.

We Can Read (series) by Jacqueline Sweeney
This series has really cute pictures. The illustrations are photographs of animals that have been altered and arranged to make the animals the main characters of the stories. They are books that feature the high frequency words.

Donna Cardon is a children's librarian at Provo City Library and a well known children's book critic. We'd like to thank her for allowing us to republish her articles for our readers.