Note from the PTA: Idle Free Zone

I know gas prices are coming DOWN TO $3.90 a gallon, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to be gas efficient! Now I'm not saying that your kids need to walk to school and back, every day, in three feet of snow up hill, but I am saying that there are ways that even driving a carpool can be more efficient.

One of the biggest ways is to stop idling. I know we all want a good parking spot at the end of the school day and that you have to get to school by 3:10 to even get close to the school entrances. But once there, all we do is wait. Not a bad thing if you have a good book. But a not so good thing if your car is running for 30 minutes.
I have done some research and found that every 30 minutes of idling costs more than three-tenths of a gallon of gas if your vehicle has an eight-cylinder engine. I know, your dad said restarting your car is ‘bad’, but with the newer cars they are making, they are made to handle the abuse.

The Utah PTA this year passed a resolution that the schools should be an idle free zone. I know it is so easy to just leave the car, with your kids in it, to run a forgotten lunchbox or homework. But not only is it bad for the environment, but it is an invitation to thieves. And do you want your kids running out of school and into a cloud of exhaust! YUCK!

I encourage everyone to stop and park their car. Who knows, if you get out and visit…you might just make the stranger in the car next to you your friend!

Ps-I want to thank all of those who worked so hard on making BOTH back to school nights a success! The excitement over t-shirts design, the Reflections theme (‘WOW!’), and the fundraiser was very encouraging!


What can PTA do for You?

• Provide a rich association of caring adults working for the welfare of all children.
• Provide resources and education on child and family related issues.
• Provide a recognized and valuable link with schools, community groups and government.
• Provide personal growth opportunities through leadership and training sessions.
• Provide opportunity to participate in the Reflections cultural arts program.

How can YOU make a difference?

• Contribute to the strength of 134,000 members statewide advocating for the welfare of Utah's children.
• Learn about important issues affecting children in your community.
• Be a voice for children by communicating with local and state decision makers.

Dads Can Make a Difference Too

Research shows that the more involved dads are, the better the child does in school. When dad is involved, whether he lives in the home or not:

1. Children learn more.
2. Perform better in school.
3. Exhibit healthier behavior.
4. Fewer behavioral problems.
5. Higher level of sociability.
6. Boosts children's confidence.
7. Children enjoy school more.

For just $5 a person, anyone who wants to help make a difference in a child's life can. This includes Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. Please support the Utah PTA and become a member of the Foothills Elementary/UT PTA. Thanks for all the help in making Foothills a supportive and successful school.

Boxtops for Education

Foothills PTA wants your boxtops!

How Do Box Tops Benefit Foothills?

As participants in the Boxtops for Education program our school receives cash money to spend on school needs. We received over $3,000 last year which went to pay for feildtrips. We hope to do even better this year.

How Do I Submit Box Tops?

Just cut those box tops and attach them to a box top collection sheet. Collection sheets can be printed from the box top website. Please do not submit loose box tops. We must submit boxtops in sheets of 10. Boxtops can be turned in to our Box Tops Collection Box outside the office. Many teachers also collect box tops to turn in.

What Products Have Box Tops?

Here is a list of products that have box tops that you may not know about:

Huggies Diapers, Ziplock Bags, Cottenelle Tissue, Hefty Bags, Kotex, Green Giant Veggies, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Betty Crocker Products, and many more.

For a complete list of products click here.

Other Ways to Earn With Box Tops.

By signing up at the box tops website, you can enter many contests to win bonus box tops for our school. Daybreak Elementary School won 10,000 bonus boxtops in February. It would be great if our school could win one of these contests, but we need you to enter. There are also some great coupons you can print out there for box top products as well.

You can also shop through the Box Tops Marketplace at some of your favorite online retailers to earn bonus boxtops for our school.


School Lunch Deposit Slip

The cafeteria has asked that a completed School Lunch Deposit Slip be included with every school lunch payment. Double click the image and print it using your web browser.


Join Earn & Learn TODAY!

Support Foothills Elementary

by joining the Smith’s Fresh Values
Earn & Learn Program
(Sign up at the beginning of each school year)

Smith’s Earn & Learn program gives a percentage of your purchases back to our school to be used for important programs and services.



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