Box Tops Contest Ends Oct 8th

Hey, hurry up and - - cut that out!

The Box Tops and Campbell's Labels Fall Contest ends Oct 8th at the start of school! Please turn in as many Box Tops and Campbell's Labels as you can! (Campbell's Labels is doubling EVERY label we send in this fall! Wow!)

The winning class will receive mini-pumpkins and a story from Mrs. Yost.

Stay tuned for who the winning class is!

UPDATE: The teachers at Foothills Elementary were recently told they each get to spend $2 per student (in their class this year) on whatever they choose. Your children get the reward from all your hard work cutting and collecting Box Tops! As the teachers spend their money we will report to you what each teacher purchases for their classroom. In the September newsletter you read what 11 teachers as well as the 1st Grade and 6th Grade Teams had purchased so far. (Check out the PTA website to see the list from September.) Here's what more teachers have purchased:
Colvin (Kndrgrtn): Train/map set for geography & social studies; construction sets for fine motor skills. Eastman (2nd grade): Organizing tubs for math games and centers. Webster (3rd grade): Notebook and composition books for reading, math and science work; folders for each student and stickers/erasers. Weldy (3rd grade): Tools and materials to make artist trading cards. Gilan (3rd grade): Notebooks, pens, markers, and erasers. D. Brown (4th grade): Electric pencil sharpener, recordable DVDs and DVD cases. Draper (4th grade): Folders, colored pencils, positive stickers, twizzlers and name tags. White (4th grade): Foam dice, playing cards (both for math box homework) and Torch Awards Medals for making homework goals. Alm (5th grade): Friday's rewards and Friday's drawing items. Hebertson (5th grade): Candy for Friday reward activities and for drawings (kids who earn tickets for good behavior, 100% on spelling/vocab, getting planners signed, etc.). Opie (5th grade): Candy for 5th grade rewards and auctions; marbles and buckets for incentive program.