Apex Fun Run at Foothills!

Dear Parents,
We are lucky to have APEX Fun Run at our school for the next two weeks. With this Run, it is all about the kids; we will be focusing on being healthy & creating leaders. Having APEX on our campus will give our Foothills Community wonderful opportunity to support our school, Let's
make it count! 
  • Dive in
  • Resourceful
  • Elevate Others
  • Attitude Check
  • Make a Difference

Every pledge counts!

We encourage donors to be as generous as budgets allow. Flat donations of any amount can be pledged &, they are not tied to how many laps a child may run.

It is our goal as a school to reach THREE pledges per student, either flat or per lap donations. Pledges will be accepted until ll:53 pm, September l0th.

  • Each lap is 1/16 of a mile
  • The maximum number of laps a student may run is 36 laps
  • A pledge of $1 per lap means $30 to our school if the student runs 30 laps

Additional questions may be directed to: www.foothillspta.com or karaleenelson@me.com