Boxtops Contest Results

Outstanding! Excellent job!

Our Fall contest earned us $2384 from Box Tops and 4520 Labels which are doubled by Campbell's this fall for a grand total of 9040 Labels! The winning class was White (D track) followed by a close second with Craven (C track). Each student in these two classes received a mini pumpkin! Other top classes included Foster AM, Foster PM, M. Brown, Tipton PM, and Colvin PM - - each student in these classes received a mini bag of popcorn and a couple mini pumpkins to decorate their room with. Thanks for your amazing support of Box Tops and Labels. Please keep saving your Box Tops and Labels over the next couple months since our 2nd Annual Boys vs. Girls Battle of the Box Tops and Labels will be from Jan 3 till Feb 18. The winner will have their t-shirt worn by Mrs. Yost: "We Won! Girls Rule!" or "We Won! Boys Rule!" So remember to: Cut That Out!

UPDATE: The teachers at Foothills Elementary were recently told they each get to spend $2 per student (in their class this year) on whatever they choose. Your children get the reward from all your hard work cutting and collecting Box Tops! As the teachers spend their money we will report to you what each teacher purchases for their classroom. (Check out the PTA website to see the list from September and October.) Here's what more teachers have purchased:

Cox (2nd grade): Art supplies.
Yates (3rd grade): 24 Dictionaries to be used everyday for spelling.
Rudd (3rd grade): White boards, dry erase markers and totes for students work/assignments.
M. Brown (4th grade): Building Fluency books, folders, notebooks, classroom supplies.