Last Day of School: Friday, July 2nd

The last day of school for 1st - 6th grade is Friday, July 2.

On Friday, July 2nd, School will be 8:25am - 12:30pm (earlier out than usual).

Lunch will NOT be served.

Kindergarten's last day is Thursday, July 1, 2010 (Regular Hours)

School starts again on July 26th A,B,C tracks and Aug 16th for D.


Field Day is this Wednesday, June 30th

A fun Foothills field day will be held the morning of June 30th for B,C, and D tracks. Make sure your children have plenty of sun screen and wear clothes that can get wet.


Notes from a Librarian: Summer Reading

Research has shown that kids that don’t read over the summer can lose as much as three months of reading progress they had gained during the school year. When that loss is compounded year after year, it can put kids who don’t read over the summer at a marked disadvantage. How do you get kids to read over the summer? When children like to read, simply going to library often and getting them a fresh supply of new titles is enough to keep them reading. Reluctant readers may need more encouragement. You can get involved with summer reading incentive programs at the library, or create your own program. Another strategy may be to require that a certain amount of reading be accomplished before computer or TV time. The most important thing is to match children up with books (or magazines) that really spark their interest. Here are some hot new titles to try this summer.

NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society by Michael Buckley.
Jack is one of the most popular kids at school, until he gets orthodontia. Then suddenly he finds himself outcast and part of the social group he had always persecuted. He soon realizes that there is more to the school nerds than he ever imagined. They are really international spies with James Bond like skills and gadgets who are on a mission to save the world from an evil mastermind. (Grades 3-6)

Thirteenth Child by Patricia Wrede
Here is a new book from one of my favorite children’s fantasy authors. The fantasy world in this book is based on 1850’s America but it is an alternate reality where magic is a normal part of life. Eff lives on the frontier with her very large family. Her twin in a seventh son of a seventh son, and so has amazing magical powers. Eff, as the 13th child, fears that she will someday go bad and bring ruin on her family. (Grades 5-8)

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
This is the Newbery award winner from this year. It is a tightly woven mystery that delves into the realm of science fiction. It is also about the complicated relationships between the 12 year old Miranda, her friends, her mother, and a homeless man who hangs out in front of her New York apartment. (Grades 6-8)

The Roar by Emma Clayton
Mika lives in a dark and damp slum of London. Most of the world has been destroyed by a terrible animal plague 30 years previously so now all the earth’s population has to crowd into a few densely populated cities. Mika’s twin disappeared more than a year before the story starts, but Mika believes she is still alive and will do anything to find her. This is an intense science fiction mystery with an environmental message for teens. (Grades 7-10)

Forbidden Sea by Sheila Nielson
This one was written by my dear friend, and fellow Provo City librarian. It will be published by Scholastic in July, but I have already read it and I think it will do very well. It is about a girl who lives in 18th century England on a small island. Her family is having difficult times, and Adrianne works hard to hold everything together. When her sister is almost stolen by a mermaid, Adrianne knows that it is up to her to keep her sister safe. We will be having a release party for Sheila at the Provo Library on July 12th. It is open to the public and it is your chance to hear how the story came about and to get a signed copy. (Grades 7-10)

Webmaster Note: This site has received permission to reprint a series of articles written by Donna Cardon, a Children's Librarian at Provo City Library, and a well known Children's Book Reviewer. Check back to this site for future articles.


What's Happening in Your Grade in June?

Classroom Capers

Kindergarten -

In Kindergarten we are excited to learn about animals. Each child has presented a report on their favorite animal and we are anticipating our Zoo Field Trip. (May 25 for Tracks A and B, and June 9 for Tracks C and D)

Every kindergarten child is having the opportunity to meet individually with his/her teacher for a half an hour to show what they have learned during the year. It's amazing how much they grow academically, socially and physically during their kindergarten year.

We are continuing to encourage reading and writing. These are "companion skills" and when writing improves, so does reading! Helping you children in very positive ways to improve writing skills is a real benefit to them.

Each class will have an "End of Year Program" where each child is spotlighted on the walk across the stage. You will be receiving more information from your child's teacher.

We want to thank all the volunteer parents which help with the many needs of the students and helps each child receive more attention in learning.

First Grade -

We can’t believe it is time for the end of the year already! We have had a fantastic year and are pleased with all the growth we have seen. We appreciate all the support from our parents and getting to work with a great group of children.
We have recently watched our butterflies go through metamorphosis and enjoyed our field trips to Thanksgiving Point.
We will continue with our study on plants, finish our end of year testing and culminate with activities to prepare for second grade. Thank you for sharing your children with us! We wish them success and all the best in the future!

Second Grade - Second Graders Are Soaring to the End of the Year.

We as a second grade team want to thank you for all your efforts and generosity as parents during Teacher Appreciation Week. We have had a great year with your children. Tracks A and B tracks have finished their CRT testing and Tracks C and D will finish by the second week in June. "A" Track will be having some of their end of the activities in June. The last day of school is on June 11. The rest of the tracks; B, C, and D will have most of these activities June 28-July 2. The last day of school for these tracks is July 2. Even though school will be ending soon, please remind your children that they still need to be reading every night and completing their daily assignments. We hope you and your child feel that second grade was successful and enjoyable.

Third Grade -

Third grade students are looking forward to the end of the year with great anticipation. There are many interesting units planned for the "wrap up". Third graders have made Artist Trading Cards throughout the year and will meet to trade them with friends. Some of the illustrations on the trading cards are tied to the curriculum: other art is chosen by the student. Students may choose to keep their cards or trade them with friends.

Two of our tracks, A and B, took the Utah Core Criterion-Referenced Test the week of May 17th -May 21st. Tracks C and D will take the test the week of June 7th - June 11th.
The third grade C.R.T. measures student achievement in Math and Language Arts.

Fourth Grade -

The time has flown by and now it's June,
Through the fourth grade hallways you'll hear a happy tune!
Recorder songs and program music is being reviewed,
And County Oral Reports will be continued.
The County Fair on June 28th is sure to please,
And end of level testing will be completed with ease.
We appreciate all the parents who have been able to volunteer!
Thanks for another great fourth grade year!

Fifth Grade -

Fifth Grade is finishing off another fabulous year by practicing fantastic songs for our Young American Award Assembly. We are also having fun getting ready for our state reports and float parade, as well as finagling with the weather to play softball. We will all be glad to finally have our CRT testing done for the year!"

Sixth Grade –

Our 6th grade Hoedown on May 20th was a super fun event! We had a great turnout of students and parents, western dancing, and delicious refreshments! Thanks to all those who helped make this night activity possible!

Our students have so much talent! We held our end of year talent show and it was such a surprise! Students performed music, instruments, dancing, poetry, and comedy. We didn't know about many of the talents our students were hiding from us! Next year we plan to do a beginning of the year show, so talents can be a part of what we do all year through!

Country fairs, rockets, field day, etc. plus testing and reports keep us busy every second of every day. Your sixth grade children are wonderful and it has been our pleasure to work with them! The 6th Grade Team.

Meet the 2010-2011 PTA Board

Announcing your 2010-2011 PTA Board

President – Allison Strang
President Elect – Mindy Holt
Financial VP/Treasurer – Kristin Castleton
Secretary – Jennifer McKee
Membership VP – Diana Neff
Health Commissioner – Mirinda Losee

A Note from the New PTA President

Hi my name is Allison Strang and I am really excited to be the PTA president for the 2010 2011 school year. I think Foothills Elementary is an amazing school. I have 3 kids, Bella will be in 2nd grade, Ethan will be in Kindergarten and Kaleb just turned 3. I am a stay at home mom and I love it. One of my favorite hobbies is running. I run half marathons and I also do the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay every year. I love living in this area and I love the people who live here as well. I am so excited to work with all of you parents to make the 2010 2011 school year the best yet. We would love for each of you to become part of the PTA and really get involved in helping your child's school be the best it can be. Thanks!