Vision and Hearing Screening Volunteers

The school has it's annual hearing and vision screenings coming up during the next month. We are asking specific classes to help us find volunteers with different events this year so that the volunteer needs are being shared throughout the school. Of course we are willing to take any volunteers who are interested in helping with these important screenings and your child's class does not need to be assigned to volunteer.  We hope that each class will help us by having 3 parents volunteer for the screening their class is assigned. The dates and class assignments are listed below along with the link to each sign up. Please make sure to list your child's teacher in the comment section.
 October 21st Vision Screening C/D: 
C track 4th and 5th grade

October 28 Hearing Screening A/B:
 B track 1st and 2nd grade 

November 5th Vision Screening A/B:
A track kindergarten and 6th grade A and B track

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer for these important screenings that greatly impact the educational experience of our students.