School Lunch Price Changes and Procedures

School lunch prices are now $1.75 for Foothills Students, $.40 Reduced price lunches, $3.00 Adult, off-track student, non-student child.

For more information on procedures and payment click on the information page to view it in full size.

Safe Walkways

It is very important for every child to clearly know the safest walking paths. Please take time to walk to and from school with your child until they are confident in walking. It is recommended that students walk together in groups. Please use extreme caution when crossing roads.

Our greatest concern is the large number of parents who drop off and pick up students. The high volume of vehicles causes potentially dangerous conditions. Please be extra cautious when driving around students.

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Recycling Earns Cash for Our School

Help Foothills earn cash by bringing in these recyclable items to the office:

Cell Phones
Video Game Consoles (include all accessories)
Video Games (include the case)
Empty Inkjet Cartridges
GPS Systems
Digital Cameras (include all accessories)
Laptops (include power cords)
PDAs/Palm Piolots (include all accessories)
iPods (include all accessories)
DVD Movies (include original packaging)

For more information on this program see www.CFKtoday.com


Get an Early Start on Reflections 2009-2010

Reflections is a nationwide arts program sponsored by PTA. The program “provides opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts.” (http://www.pta.org/)

The theme for Reflections 2009-2010 is "Beauty is..."

Every student is invited to enter as many or as few of the eight categories as they would like (only one entry per category, each entry is the work of only ONE student). The categories are: Literature, Musical Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Dance, Film/Video, Theater, and 3D-Art.

Entries are usualy due in November.


Foothills Drop-off Procedures Reminder

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For the safety of Foothills Students the following drop-off guidelines have been established:

1. Have only one lane to pull into for drop-off and pick-up adjacent to the curb. Close off the left, or outside, lane with cones or light barricade to prevent parents from passing stopped cars and pulling into open spaces. This will also stop double parking for drop-off. Use the left outside lane for unloaded cars to pull into to exit the lot area. Parents will need to have more patience, but it may save a child's life or prevent an accident.

2. Parents NEED to have their kids ready to unload as soon as they get to the load/unload zone to lower delay time. Do what needs to be done at home (eat breakfast, comb hair, check homework, fill backpacks, give hugs and kisses) not in the load/unload lane. Many parents are waiting.

3. Parents need to stay in their cars while dropping off and picking up in the load/unload lane. Parents who exit their vehicle in the exit lane may cause an accident and delays. For those younger students needing assistance, older siblings should exit first and then assist, or have parents park in the north lot and walk their kids across to the front sidewalk.

4. Parents should not allow their kids to exit the vehicle into a travel lane, specifically the left side of the vehicle. This is extremely hazardous and may lead to a child being hit.

5. Encourage parents with older students to drop-off and pick-up on Shaggy Peak Dr. west of the school or at the park to the south of the school. This would decrease some congestion in the north lot.

6. Encourage parents to leave earlier to drop-off in the morning. With construction in the general area, delays may occur which may lead parents to be "in a hurry." This usually leads to an accident. (It appears that most traffic comes 5 minutes before the bell rings.)

For this and other Foothills Rules see the official school website.

Please remember that you should never drop-off children in the North parking lot.


Welcome to our Updated PTA Website

Welcome to our updated PTA Website. This site will be updated often with news involving our school, students and PTA events.

If you have any thoughts about this website or its content, feel free to leave a comment.


Thank You to Business Sponsors


Foothills Elementary would like tot hank the following businesses for their support and generous donations during our Teacher Appreciation week in May, 2009.

Best Western Zion Park
Hampton Inn
Salt Lake City
Rainbow/Peppermill Montego Bay Wendover, NV
Marriott Park City
Best Western Sandy
Best Western Landmark inn Park City
Heber Valley Railroad Heber City
Holiday Inn St. George
Costco Sandy
Hale Theater West Valley City
Jiffy Lube Corporate Offices
Utah Grizzlies West Valley City
Thanksgiving Point Lehi
Pie Pizzeria Salt Lake City
Gecko’s South Jordan
Hires Big H Sandy
Leatherby’s Taylorsville
Goodwood BBQ Draper
Sweet Tomatoes Sandy
Arctic Circle Herriman
Mark Anthony’s Restaurant Riverton
Mimi’s CafĂ© Sandy
Joe Morley’s Midvale
Curry in a Hurry Salt Lake City
Nothing Bundt Cakes Riverton
Melting Pot Salt Lake City
Cookie Tree Salt Lake City
Log Haven Restaurant Salt Lake City
Training Table Riverton
Johanna’s Kitchen Sandy
Kneaders Riverton
Mad Greek Draper
Crown Burger Sandy



The school psychologist Lynn Durham would like to offer this article with tips on dealing with stress in children and adolescents. We are going to split this into a 2 part article.

Stress in Children and Adolescents: Tips for Parents (Part 2)

Click here to read Part 1 of this article

Factors that help prevent stress
Positive problem solving and coping skills.
Close, supportive relationships at home and school, with peers and adults.
Clear expectations.
Permission and ability to learn from mistakes.
Consistent, positive discipline.
Developing competencies (academic, social, extracurricular, and life skills).
Ability to express feeling appropriately.
Feeling physically and emotionally safe.
Good nutrition and exercise.
Time to relax or do recreational activities.

How Parents Can Help

Build trust with your child
Be available and open to talk when your child is ready. If family circumstances are contributing to the stress, be willing to answer questions honestly and calmly.
Encourage the expression of feelings.
Teach and model good emotional responses.
Encourage your child to tell you if he or she feels overwhelmed.
Encourage healthy and diverse friendships.
Encourage physical activity, good nutrition, and rest.
Teach your child to problem solve.
Keep your child aware of anticipated family changes, in an age-appropriate way. Acknowledge that change can feel uncomfortable but reassure him or her that the family will be okay.
Do not hide the truth from your child. Children sense parents’ worry and the unknown can be scarier than the truth. However, avoid unnecessary discussions in front of your child (particularly a young child) of events or circumstances that might increase his or her stress.
Help your child have a part in decision making when appropriate.
Remind your child of his or her ability to get through tough times, particularly with the love and support of family and friends.
Monitor television programs that could worry your child and pay attention to the use of computer games, movies, and the internet.
Use encouragement and natural consequences when poor decisions are made.
Help your child select appropriate extracurricular activities and limit over scheduling.
Make your child aware of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol before experimentation begins.
Monitor your own stress level. Take care of yourself.
Contact your child’s teacher with any concerns and make them part of the team available to assist your child.
Seek the assistance of a physician, school psychologist, school counselor, or school social worker if stress continues to be a concern.

Adapted from: “Stress in Children: Strategies for Parents and Educators,” by Ellis P. Copeland, in Helping Children at Home and School II: Handouts for Families and Educators, NASP, 2004. The full handout is available online at http://www.nasponline.org/families