What's Happening in your Grade in December?

KINDERGARTEN For Social Studies we will be focusing on traditions. Students will share their family traditions with the class. In Math we’ll be studying combinations to 6 using counters to combine sets. (Example-one and three make four). This is not focused on written addition but focused on using manipulatives. This helps the students see in a concrete way to combine sets. We’ll have various Christmas activities. We’ll participate in the Christmas Sing-Along (this is not a parent program, just for students).

Season's Greeting from FIRST GRADE! This month we will be learning about different holiday traditions from around the world. We will sample different foods, play games, learn dances, and gain a better appreciation for other cultures. We will be learning map skills as well. If you have lived in or traveled to another country and would be willing to share your experiences with us, please let your child's teacher know as soon as possible! Thank you for all your help and support this year! We hope each family has a wonderful holiday season!

Seasons Greetings from SECOND GRADE! December brings lots of Christmas learning and fun. The students will be learning about the Christmas traditions of other countries as well as our own traditions. Along with these we will be working with counting money, measuring items, working with time and continuing adding and subtracting with two and three digit numbers without regrouping. We hope you all enjoy your winter break.

THE THIRD GRADE is super excited about the holidays! See you later B Track, and welcome back C-Track. Many of our students are in choir and we are excited to see them perform for the school. Some classes are having holiday parties and spreading good cheer. This month the character trait the school is focusing on is "caring" and this is a great time of year to show others you care with a random act of kindness. Miss Gilan's class is making scarves to donate to the homeless this Christmas before they go off track. There are so many awesome things going on in the 3rd grade, we truly have an amazing group of students.

This month FOURTH GRADERS will be working on multiplication and division (remember to study your math facts at home!), learning about the water cycle, fossils, and soil, and studying trappers and traders. We are also looking forward to some special science presentations by the Utah Museum of Natural History. The Science Fair is coming up in January so those that signed up to participate should be working on projects. Winter is coming so please remember to dress warmly.

FIFTH GRADE is getting ready for the holidays! We are doing some fun art activities that go along with the season. In Science we are repelling and attracting with Magnets. The first ten amendments, also known as, The Bill of Rights, is what we are studying in Social Studies. It’s hard to believe we are almost half way done with the 2010/2011 school year! You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! Have a great Winter Break!

SIXTH GRADE Teachers want to thank parents for their support! We have classroom volunteers, room helpers, generous donations, and time spent at home in support of our students. Parent/Teacher Conf. were recently held and we’re thrilled with efforts that are in place to help students succeed. The triangle of Parent/Student/Teacher working together to foster student learning is a must! It is great working with your children. Thanks for all you do!