Box Top Contest Coming in January

Annual Battle of the Box Tops & Labels 2011
Hey, cut that out again! We did outstanding with our Fall Contest ($2384 from Box Tops and 4520 Labels which were doubled by Campbell's this fall for a grand total of 9040 Labels) so keep an eye out for them and keep cutting this winter. Do you think we can beat it? From January 3rd until February 18th, we will be having our annual “Boys vs. Girls” school-wide contest. Each teacher will have a collection folder for boys and girls. The winner will have their t-shirt worn by Mrs. Yost for a day:
“We Won! Boys Rule!” or “We Won! Girls Rule!”
Don't forget: The contest begins January 3rd and ends at the start of school February 18th. Once teachers return after the winter break they will be given $10 each to spend on something they need for their class. Keep watching as we report what supplies or rewards the teachers purchase for their students. Your children get the reward from all your hard work cutting and collecting Box Tops and Labels!
Thanks for your amazing support! Let the battle begin!