What's Happening in Your Grade in April & May?


Kindergarten is learning about SPRING with reading, writing, math, discussions, discovery and songs! We are also studying maps and learning about the United States. In May most classes will be doing their Animal Reports and learning about animals. We will also all be going to the zoo in either May or June A and B tracks will be going on May 25th. We appreciate all of the parents who work with their children reading every night and turning in the weekly homework sheets! Thank you!

First Grade

Spring is here! First graders are excited for the warm weather. We will be discussing spring and the kind of weather we need for May flowers. We will also study plants, seeds and baby animals. We will enrich our studies with a field trip to Thanksgiving Point. We will soon receive our caterpillars and watch as they get fat. We will then study butterflies by watching them go through their stages of metamorphosis. May is the month of our end of year test. We ask that you help your child by getting them to bed early so that they get enough sleep, making sure they eat a good breakfast and ensuring that they are at school on time so that they can do their best on the test. We also ask that parents help their child learn the safety rules while on school grounds. One way to help is by using the crosswalks when coming and going to school and not going out into traffic to get to the parking lot. First graders are continuing to be readers and writers and active learners. They are challenged to solve everyday problems and explore how they reach a solution. April and May will help them fine tune their skills.

Second Grade - Second Graders are racing to the end

The second grade classes are gearing up for a number of activities in April and May. CRT testing will be on the following dates: May 17-18 Tracks A and B and June 7-18 Tracks C & D. Please make sure your student has plenty of rest and enough breakfast so they are ready to do their best. Field Trips We will also be going on to the Clark Planetarium Exhibits and the ESA tour. Track A – May 6th; Track B – April 29; Track C – April 22nd and Track D May 13th. Your child’s teacher will be sending notes home for volunteers and other information as well. Wax Museum Your children will be choosing a famous person they would like to learn about, read a biography on them, make a poster about them and then dress up like the person and present this project in the gym. Tentative dates and times are as follows: Tracks B&C – May 7 at 9-9:30 am; Tracks A&D – May 26 at 9-9:30 am.

Third Grade

This month third grade students will take a field trip to the Megaplex theater at the District and Kennecott Copper Mine.

At the theater, students will learn about the careers of theater employees, film making and the day to day operations of the theater. The tour includes a look at the concessions area, the technical film department and the catering facilities that are available at the largest theater in Utah!

At the Kennecott Copper Mine, students will have the opportunity to view the open pit with the huge equipment at work below. Classes and students can have their photo taken beside the retired tire of one of the ore haulers! Smile! Inside of the visitors' center, students view a film about the mine and study artifacts in the mine museum.

On April 22nd, B&C tracks will participate in The Kids' Marketplace, a money management program for third graders. This program is sponsored by Work-Based Learning and is made possible with the help of parents who volunteer their time and talents. Thank you, parents!

Fourth Grade

During the months of April and May, fourth graders will be reviewing a lot of what we have learned this year in order to prepare for end-of-year testing. Please make sure your child comes to school on time to make sure they don't miss out on this important reviewing time. We also will be working hard on County Reports. Don't forget to be working on your projects at home. Tracks B and D will be celebrating Pioneer Day on May 14. We will have a lot of fun activities including making and playing games, making homemade butter, dipping candles. Tracks A and C will have their Pioneer Day on June 4. We are also looking forward to our field trip to the John Hutchings Museum in Lehi. Students, make sure you keep practicing your recorder and bring it on the day you have music. Spring is an exciting time but school, classroom, and recess rules still apply.

Fifth Grade: A Haiku for 5th Grade in April

Finishing fractions.
Singing American songs.
Learn animal traits.

Sixth Grade
–No Entry