Teacher Appreciation Week 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week 2010!
May 3-7: A,B & C tracks, May 10-14: D track
"If you give a teacher a..."

This year for TAW, (Teacher Appreciation Week) we are going with the theme: ‘If you give a teacher a…’ (taken from the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, If You Give a Mouse a Muffin, books by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond).

Each day there will be a new quote to guide us through the week.

Monday: If you give a teacher a cookie, they will want to share it with their class.

The PTA will host a Cookies and Milk Party to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week!

**Your room parent will be contacting parents to donate milk or come in and help with the party.

Tuesday: Having a fun Cookies and Milk Party with their teacher will make the students think about how much they appreciate their teacher and they'll want to write some thank you notes.

**Teachers will get an extra half hour to have a special lunch. Room parents will be looking for volunteers to come in and do a project with the class for this time. (Parent Volunteers must have been fingerprinted and registered with the office. See front office for more information)

Wednesday: After writing the thank you notes, the students will want to keep the Teacher Appreciation Celebration going, so they will decide to host a Spirit Day. They will ask all the kids to dress up in silly socks and hats to celebrate the work teachers do to fill their heads with knowledge and point their feet in the right direction.

**Students are invited to wear silly hats and socks. The PTA will be supply lunch for all the teachers in the lounge.

Thursday: Celebrating with silly socks and hats was fun, but now the students think that something more serious should be done to show appreciation...a bouquet of flowers...no, that's not it...how about a bouquet of school supplies!

**Room Parents will send a list home of supplies needed in your child's classroom. Children are invited to donate supplies, but donations are not required to participate in the activities.

Friday: At the end of the week the teachers will start thinking about the celebration...school supplies, silly socks and hats, and thank you notes...and chances are they'll remember what started it all...COOKIES!

**The PTA is giving each teacher a cookie from Kneaders with a gift card.