Red Ribbon Week Activities

Here are the activities planned for our Red Ribbon Week!  Don’t forget about the additional activities that were sent home with your child!  😊

Tuesday, October 9: Dress up- wear red!

Wednesday, October 10: Sign the Red Ribbon Week Pledge- display it somewhere in your home.

Thursday, October 11: Show off your artistic abilities by creating a Red Ribbon Week slogan Poster. The posters will decorate our school hallways. Entries Due: Wednesday, October 17. D Track can drop theirs off in the office. Please see below for more details. 

Friday, October 12:  D Track- Wear your Halloween costumes and “Scare away Drugs!”
B & C Track- Wear your brightest colors from head to toe Today to show you are too bright to do drugs or make dangerous choices. 

Monday, October 15: Leave your mark in the world by living a drug-free life! Think about what goals/dreams you have to make our world a better place.These will be displayed on the PTABulletin Board until Parent Teacher Conference
Tuesday, October 16: Wear some crazy socks and mismatched shoes to “Sock it to Drugs!”
Wednesday, October 17: Wear your favorite hat to school and “Put a cap on Drugs.”