Please note that the School parking lots will close at 4:00 PM for Food Trucks, Handicap Parking and Volunteer Parking.
When parking at the fundraiser, please do not block driveways. We would like the families who live around the school to have access to their homes.
We have highlighted areas on the map that can be used as parking for the event.
Please remember to use the crosswalks when crossing the streets. If you can, please walk to the event to save on parking.
Please know that everything can be accessed from the front of the school. If you come through the park you will need to come to the front for access to everything.
We would like everyone to stay safe while enjoying the carnival and amazing opportunity that has been provided to the students and families of Foothills Elementary this year for our PTA Fundraiser.
Also, Pre-sale wristbands can be picked up Monday from 8:00 am-9:00 am by the office. Then again starting at 3:00 pm out side by the first grade doors. We will not be sending them home with students and we ask that the students do not come to pick them up without a parent. This is to make sure that they are not lost or left in a backpack. 
Pre-sale wristbands are no longer available. However, we have the $15.00 Wristband online orders still up and that will be cut off Sunday, September 30 at Midnight so we have time to get them ready. Wristbands can be purchased using the Square App, cash or check Monday at 8:00 am - 9:00 am and then again starting at 3:00 PM outside the first grade doors.

Thank you!
Foothills PTA