What's Happening in Your Grade in October?

In KINDERGARTEN we are working really hard at learning our alphabet letters and the sounds they make. This practice is going to help us blend letters to make words. We are also learning many new sight words. We have started our Gingerbread Man Unit. Throughout this unit we will learn about the helpers in our school, make gingerbread man, graph and read different variations of the gingerbread man. We are also learning about the seasons and what happens in the fall. We in kindergarten would like to thank the PTA for the generous box top money we received.

Our FIRST GRADE students will be doing lots of exciting things in October. We will be talking about fire safety and the season of fall. We will be doing activities for Red Ribbon Week and doing pumpkin and ghost math. We will be practicing our program for November 16. Thanks to all the parents who helped out with the Jog-A-Thon!

In October SECOND GRADERS will be on their way to becoming confident writers while working on Narratives! In Math they are working on comparing numbers using greater than, less than, equal to, and recognizing ordinal numbers. They will also be sharpening their time telling skills using analog clocks. In Language Arts they will be studying verbs, adverbs, poetry, fairy tales and tall tales. In Science they will be studying Rocks and the Rock Cycle.

The THIRD GRADE is falling in love with Fall! We are excited about the Jog-A-Thon, box tops, and lots more. We are really digging into the "Common Core" too. Our students have been learning a lot about Native Americans and are studying "Trickster Tales." We are excited to see some of you at conferences in October and the rest of you in November! The Third Grade Rules!!!!!!


Observe the weather report and dress appropriately for outside recess.
C/D track Parent Teacher Conferences. Be sure to sign up for a time.
Turn all of your homework in on time!!
October 19, D track will be celebrating with Halloween costume parties.
Be sure to remember: Halloween is celebrated on Friday, Oct 28 this year!!
Everyone's invited to the 4th grade A/B/C track Halloween Program Oct 28 at 10:00.
Remember to read 20 minutes every day!!

FIFTH GRADE is having a fabulous fall. We have started our safety patrol duties and appreciate the 6th grade and especially Mr. Stirland for helping us at the beginning of the year. In science some are finishing up with our Earth's Changing Surface unit and started the "attractive" unit on magnets. We continue to learn and implement the Language Arts Common Core and we feel like our RTI/Flex time is beneficial. The DARE program is having a contest for a T-shirt design and many have entered. Keep up the good work and don't forget to read!

On September 13th SIXTH GRADE went on a field trip to the Utah State Fair! Surprisingly, not very many of our students had attended a fair before. Fairs began as the year's final judging contest for farmers and ranchers. The crop season, cattle raising, 4H Club activities, etc were all celebrated. Food, rides, and entertainment were added later. Today, it is a symbol of American tradition. We had a super time seeing the art and craft exhibits, photography, animal shows (Kangaroos of Australia and the seals), and experiencing the atmosphere. Thanks so much to the parent volunteers that assisted us!