Box Tops & Soup Labels Contest Winners!

We’d like to announce the winners of our Box Tops/Labels Contest. Less than $10 separated the top six classes so all of these six classes are getting mini pumpkins this week:

First place: Mrs.Joffs (1st grade)

Second place: Mr. Welcker (6th grade)

Third place: Ms. Shumway (1st grade)

Fourth place: Mrs. Finlay (4th grade)

Fifth place: Mrs. Colvin (PM kindergarten)

Sixth place: Mrs. Colvin (AM kindergarten)

The real winner is Foothills since we raised $2000 dollars! Thanks for all your support! (The November PTA Newsletter will give the exact amount of Box Top money earned as well as the grand total for Campbell's Labels.)

A Big THANK YOU to Petersen Family Farms (11887 South 4000 West, Riverton) for donating over 100 mini pumkins to our school!