Box Tops 2011

Hey - - cut that out!!! Get your scissors out and get clipping Box Tops and Campbell's Labels! We are having a contest for 7 weeks, starting August 22nd, to see which class can collect the most! Glue the Box Tops to a collection sheet or simply put them in a ziploc bag and turn them in to your teacher! Cut the Campbell's Labels UPC code off of participating products, such as: Campbell's soup, Spaghettio's, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, Prego Sauce, V8 & V8 Splash caps and Swanson broth/stock/canned chicken. (Links to Box Top collection sheets and Campbell's Labels product lists can be found at the Foothills PTA website.) Turn in Box Tops and Campbell's Labels UPC codes to your teacher. Contest ends at the start of school on October 7th. The winning class will receive mini-pumpkins! (Feel free to ask your grandparents and other relatives to help your class win!)

FYI: Watch the PTA website and future newsletters to see what last year's money was spent on. During the 2010-11 school year we raised $3,907 (cash!) from Box Tops. Last year Foothills Elementary was ranked #9 of #996 schools in the state of Utah for most Box Tops collected. The teachers at Foothills Elementary were recently told they each get to spend $2 per student (in their class this year) on whatever they choose. Your children get the reward from all your hard work cutting and collecting Box Tops! We will be reporting to you what each teacher/grade purchased with the money and how it will benefit the students. We have earned over 22,000 points with Campbell's Labels over the last three years which is used towards their merchandise. We "banked" all these points and will adding to our total this year. We hope to earn enough points so when we redeem them it allows every classroom to get something they can use, such as PE equipment, art supplies, etc.

(The #1 ranked school in Utah for earning Box Tops money is from a nearby neighborhood, so it's very possible we can move up to the top 5 or even become #1 this year! We only have to collect an additional 200 Box Tops this year to become the top earning Box Top school in Utah!)