School Trust Lands Video Contest Announced

Dear Utah PTA Members,

I am pleased to inform you of a great School and Institutional Trust
Lands initiative that benefits students, teachers and schools.

As you know, Trust Lands in Utah directly benefit schools each year when
interest and dividends are disbursed to School Community Councils. The
School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) manages
these lands for the benefit of our school children and it’s important to
recognize the value of these lands through their efforts to make them
profitable. SITLA has been very successful in that regard as they
responsibly manage these lands.

To this end, SITLA has organized a RideOn! YouTube video contest to teach
students that respecting school land benefits all schools. RideOn! is
cosponsored by SITLA, Utah State Parks and Recreation and the Larry H.
Miller Group. Contest winners will receive $1500 cash, distributed
evenly between the winning student(s), teacher and school.

The contest can be integrated into health and technology curricula. Sample
lesson plans will be emailed next week to principals for distribution to
teachers providing instruction in health and technology. Students will
learn how good land stewardship directly benefits their school; as
healthy school lands generate revenue, the money is saved, and the
interest and dividends go to academic programs as determined by their
School Community Council.

To learn more about the RideOn! YouTube video contest, including submission categories and dates, please visit: www.stateparks.utah.gov/rideonvideocontest

Tyler Slack
Trust Lands Appointee