Loading/Unloading Reminder

Parents, as a reminder, there is NO PARKING in the drop-off lane in front of the school at any time.

The Loading/ Unloading Safety Procedures, given to us at the beginning of the year, state:

1- Stay in the RIGHT lane by curb for drop off.

2- Do not exit your vehicle. Park in the parking lot if you need to help child out of the car or to wait with them.

3- Pull as far forward as possible.

4- Use crosswalk only

These rules also apply during the afternoon Kindergarten pick up/drop off as well.

In addition, do not wait in your car with your child in the drop off zone until the bell rings; instead use the parking lot. Last Friday, there were angry parents because several cars were parked in the drop off zone. Please follow these rules so no further actions (by angry parents) need to be taken. Please be courteous to all.
You can find a post with the Loading/Unloading Procedures HERE