What's Happening in your Grade in January?

KINDERGARTEN We will be doing mid year PALS testing. This is the same testing that we have done in the beginning of the year. We are required to do the testing during school hours. This testing can’t be scheduled by appointment. This month will be focused on reviewing concepts in order to prepare the students for testing.

In January, the FIRST GRADERS will be learning about winter. Do animals hibernate, migrate, or adapt? We will also learn that people adapt. We will practice reading a thermometer and learn all about snow and snow flakes. In January the students will find that it's so nice, "while slipping on the sliding ice, to sip hot chicken soup with rice." We will be proceeding through the seasons with a rhyme for every month of the year. Also, students will continue to realize what good authors they are by working on their writing skills in Writer's Workshop.

Happy New Year from SECOND GRADE! This is the time of year when your children will be introduced to new math concepts. Your children will be working on adding and subtracting with regrouping. To some of you it used to be called carrying and borrowing. Your children will also be tested for mid-year assessments in reading and language arts. An up-coming event will be our 2nd grade program. We hope you will be coming to watch your children in our "Going Buggy" musical program. Most of the children will be having small talking parts, be looking for these to come home with your children. They have been practicing very hard.

THIRD GRADE no report

Do you hear what I hear? Recorder music fills the air in the FOURTH GRADE hallway! During the month of January the students will be learning the basics of playing the Recorder. Remember to bring your Recorder and music book each week for Music Instruction. On January 5th we will have a special presentation by the Church History Museum about Utah Native Americans. On January 19th we will learn about the water cycle when the Water Van comes for a visit. Remember to keep reading 20 minutes each night, and practicing your Rocket Math facts.

FIFTH GRADE Our math adventure is filled with double digit division, multiplication and geometry, and, not to be left out... story problems! Parents, one of the very simplest and easiest ways to improve these skills are basic math facts flashcards at home. Also, our weeks are filled with science and social studies. We're studying matter, molecules and movement... that's Westward Movement as we explorer the expansion of America. We continue to visit the computer lab and have enjoyed games while in there. Remember to wear winter type clothing because, unless we see icicles hanging we like going outside for recess.

Changes are coming to SIXTH GRADE! Beginning next year, a new core curriculum will be adopted by Jordan School District, under the direction of the State Board of Education. The biggest changes will occur in mathematics. 6th Grade will experience the most change! The curriculum will become much more rigorous. A regular daily home study program will become a must! Teachers, Parents, and Students must work together for successful understanding of each concept as it is presented. For more information visit the Web Site http://departments.jordandistrict.org/curriculum/commoncore