KBYU Program to Focus on Teaching Children

The Region 6 PTA Director wanted us to share the following with parents at our school:

KBYU Eleven, as part of our commitment to children, will focus on children and their development Friday nights in January on Ask Eleven. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers will be presented with resources and ideas about child development and how to effectively teach children. Each night will include a live call-in show for viewers to call in and ask the experts their questions as well as shows and specials addressing each topic.

On Friday, January 14, KBYU Eleven will focus on quality child care with Ask Eleven: How Do I Find Quality Child Care in Utah?, a live call-in program. Experts will answer questions about how to find and keep the right child care for your child as well as the training opportunities and licensing requirements for Utah child care providers.

On Friday, January 21, KBYU Eleven will focus on early child development with Ask Eleven: Is My Child on Target?, a live call-in program with experts discussing local resources that will help parents and caregivers asses a child's development.

On Friday, January 28, Ask Eleven: Is Media a Good Teaching Tool? will explore media as positive tools to help young children learn and prepare for school. We will also take this opportunity to introduce Ready To Learn, online workshops that present to parents, grandparents, and caregivers key steps in a child's development and demonstrate how to combine media with reading and hands-on activities to greatly enhance a child's learning.

These workshops will be available on our web site, kbyueleven.org , starting in the end of January.