Box Top Contest in Full Swing

Hey - - cut that out! The Box Tops and Campbell's Labels Fall Contest starts Aug 23rd! It will end at the start of school on October 8th! Get your scissors out and get clipping Box Tops and Campbell's Labels! Glue the Box Tops and Labels to collection sheets or simply put them in a ziploc bag and turn them in to your teacher! (Links to Box Top collection sheets and Campbell's Labels product lists can be found at the Foothills PTA website.)

The winning class will receive mini-pumpkins and a story from Mrs. Yost. (Feel free to ask your grandparents and other relatives to help your class win!)

UPDATE: The teachers at Foothills Elementary were recently told they each get to spend $2 per student (in their class this year) on whatever they choose. Your children get the reward from all your hard work cutting and collecting Box Tops! As the teachers spend their money we will report to you what each teacher purchases for their classroom.

Here's what teachers have purchased so far:

Foster (Kndrgrtn): Train set for centers.

The 1st Grade Team: Rhythm sticks/CD, wrist ribbons, class sets of magnifying glasses, egg shakers (rhythm), dance CD (for no gym day for PE), label maker, phonics CD. Craven (2nd grade): "Guess My Number" math learning game, shelf for calendar, whole group activities.
Finlay, N. (2nd grade): A paper binding machine for her class.

Redd (2nd grade): Class rewards and incentives, books.
Taylor (2nd grade): Classroom store incentives for turning in homework, following rules, being responsible, etc.

Thomas (2nd grade): Toys and candy used as an incentive in treasure box.
Droz (3rd grade): Composition books for math, journals, glue sticks, markers, colored pencils, theme books for Liberal Arts.

Glattli (3rd grade): "Milk" crates for files (independent work), pencil boxes for each child to use, highlighters, notebook binders.

Haynie (4th grade): Glue sticks, markers, notebooks.
Rowntree (5th grade): Small treats for reward activity which is given out each week for students who complete their work.

Stirland (5th grade): Markers, glue, colored pencils, crayons, treat rewards for Young American Award.
The 6th Grade Team: A bowling pin set so during the winter they will have another fun PE game in the gym. Bowling also incorporates math skills.