Jordan School District New Volunteer Policy

(This article was posted Sep '09, but is a good reminder for the new school year)

If you've come into the school lately to volunteer, you've been asked to fill out a new volunteer form. You may have noticed some changes in what you are permitted to do as well. Here is some info on Jordan School District's new Volunteer Policy.

If you are coming into school to work with children in the classroom, you will be asked to fill out the "Volunteer Information" form. Copies of this form are available at the office, or you can view a copy online at the Jordan School District site. This form is filed with Foothills. After completing this form you can work with children in the presence of a teacher (not in the hallway or another room).

If you work with children outside the supervision of a teacher, like in the hallway or another room, you must also complete a "Volunteer Eligibility" form, submit to a background check, and have your fingerprints taken at the district offices (there is no charge to you for the fingerprinting). This form is filed with Jordan School District.

Office workers will ask for ID from any volunteer they do not recognize. Both forms must be renewed annually.

A teacher may request that you get the fingerprinting and background check done to make the most of your volunteer time, but they can not require it; it is voluntary. Volunteers that would be hosting holiday parties or other activities where the teacher is NOT present must file the 'Volunteer Eligibility' form with the District.

As always, volunteers must check in and out at the front office and wear an ID sticker.

For more information visit the Jordan School District site.

Thanks to Carolyn at the front office for providing clarification about this new policy for this article.