Box Tops Contest Winners Announced

Three Foothills Classes turned in over $100 each in boxtops and over 100 soup labels each:

Mr. Welker

Mrs. Erickson

Mrs. Glattli

These classes won donuts and a story read to them by Principal Yost.

Our school collected $1729 in boxtops and 1670 in Campbell's label points!

The money from boxtops will be used for things like field trips, teacher appreciation week, and other programs. Campbell's points will be redeemed for sports equipment.

Our PTA Boxtops Commissioner will be redeeming 6650 Campbell's points and hopes to get something for every classroom in our school!

Thank you everyone for participating in our contest. And many thanks go to our PTA Boxtops Commissioner and all her friends and neighbors who volunteered to trim and organize over 17,000 boxtops!

Keep collecting those boxtops and soup labels. We will be having another contest in the spring.

For information about boxtops: Foothillspta.org

For a link to the Rabbit Boxtop collection sheet and Campbell soup label collection sheet, see the information bar above or the links bellow.

The Rabbit Box Top Collection Sheet (30 Box Tops per sheet)

You can also print fun seasonal collection sheets (10 Box Tops per sheet) from the BoxTops4Education website.

1pt Campbell's Labels Collection Sheet (.pdf file)

5pt Campbell's Labels Collection Sheet (.pdf file)