Reflections Projects Due Oct. 23rd: Reflections Information and Entry Form Links

Print Entry Forms from the Utah PTA Site HERE
(pdf file)

Print Detailed Instructions for each Category from the Utah PTA Site HERE (pdf file)

Read More about Reflections, and see pictures of 2008 winners at the Utah PTA Site HERE

Entries are due for all tracks on
October 23rd.

Turn entries into the front office or to your teacher.
Make sure you put a pepperoni on your class pizza for every entry you turn in and get the prize from PTA (your teachers will have these)

Theme: 'Beauty is...'


Each student may turn in one entry in each of the eight categories.

Entries are the work of only one student.

Work must be the original work of the student. (Music must be original composition, dance must be original dance moves.)

Entry forms must be completely filled out and signed by a parent.

Follow the rules. The judging is very strict. We don't want to disqualify anyone.

Judging is based on three criteria: Creativity, Interpretation of Theme, Artistic Merit.


Every student will get a treat for entering, and a ribbon for participating. Advancing entries will win a gift card!

We look forward to seeing all your wonderful entries!

What is Reflections? Here is some information from the Utahpta.org site:

Reflections is an annual program that encourages students' artistic talents. For more than 30 years, the Reflections program has invited children (preschool-grade 12) to create and submit works of art.

Every year in Utah we have about 60,000 students enter the Reflections program. We have expanded the original categories of Music, Photography, Visual Arts and Literature to include 4 additional categories, including Dance, Theatre, 3D and Film and Video.

This is a wonderful program for our students. The excitement and enthusiasm that the Reflections arts recognition program generates for children, parents, schools, and communities is unmatched. The Reflections program offers your PTA an opportunity to showcase your school and students and demonstrate the importance of a quality arts education. In addition, the Reflections program offers students the opportunity to express themselves and receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts.