Back to School Morning 2016-2017!

The new school year is already upon us folks! Hopefully all of you got a letter detailing the first day. If not, here are the specifics:

The foothills staff is excited to invite you and your student to our "2016-2017 Back to school Roundup" on July 26 for tracks A, B and C and August 15 for Track D. Students and parents will have an opportunity to visit classrooms for a short presentation covering beginning of the year information. There will be three sessions beginning at 8 AM. Teacher emails are listed on the foothills website. After the classsroom sessions, parents are encouraged to attend a general information meeting with the Principal Mr. Griffith, the assistant princiapal, Dr. Mausbach and the PTA at 9:00 AM in the gym.

Doors open at 7:50 AM
Session 1        8:00 - 8:15 AM
Session 2        8:20 - 8:35 AM
Session 3        8:40 - 8:55 AM
Students line up  9:00 AM
Welcome and PTA general meeting 9:00 AM in the gym

Students may stay with their parents during the orientation session or play on the playground beginning at 8:15. Only Foothills students in grades 2-6 are to be on the playground.

First grade students are scheduled to meet with their teachers in small groups sessions on July 26th (A, B, C) or August 15th (D).