What's Happening in Your Grade in September?

In KINDERGARTEN this month we have been working with our Alphafriends to write and read our letters. We have also been representing numbers in different ways and sorting things. We love the activities with the different books that our classes have been reading. If you have never climbed a tree with the alphabet you should try it. You can if you read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."

FIRST GRADE: no report.

SECOND GRADERS are all abuzz about fall. During the month of September they will learn about the features of informational texts and even write some of their own. Not to mention the seasonal poetry they will read and write using unique adjectives and verbs. In Math they will learn about <, >, = signs and how they can use them to compare numbers and create equal equations. They will also practice using ordinal numbers and writing numbers in expanded form. In Science they will learn about seasons, plants and animals.

The THIRD GRADE is studying about Native Americans and Trickster Tales. We are learning a lot. We are starting our new math intervention groups, where we can focus and reteach concepts. We are excited to have a spectacular September!

By now you've gotten the hang of school.
Our FOURTH GRADE teachers are really cool.
Remember to always practice math facts,
You want to get so you are really fast.
Read every day and write it down,
Fill out a vacation form if you go out of town.
Be on time to class every day...
And your teachers will cheer HIP HIP HOORAY!!

FIFTH GRADE is off to a flying start! We are learning the new Language Arts common core and have been studying and writing some cool poetry. In our Flex time we are learning to write great sentences that will help prepare us for the DWA test in February. Although our classrooms this year are spread apart we are together in planning for a great year! Parents please remember to have your students read 100 minutes a week and keep up with the daily homework as well as book reports and poems.

With "D" track recently joining us, SIXTH GRADE is in full force! We're implementing our new Common Core math program. It's full of investigation, hands-on and student verbal explanations. There may be a few hiccups along the way but nothing we can't work through. Our Guided Reading program is up and running smoothly. We've got our noses and brains stuck right in the middle of some great literature. In Science we are studying microorganisms, constellations, moon phases and the structure of music. A few dates to put on your calendars: Sept. 13 is our trip to the State Fair; 23rd will be our first Mustang Market; and the 29th will be our Star Party from 7:30-9:00 PM. More information coming on those events. We appreciate your support!