Thank You PTA Board

A big thank you to our outgoing PTA President Allison Strang, and those involved in the PTA for 2010-2011 (Kristin Castleton, Jennifer McKee, Diana Neff, Mirinda Losee, Holly Jones, Tanya Pusey, Kelli Lloyd, Becky Barnum, Jamie Lodermeier, Mirinda Losee, Melinda Boyack, Amy Fugal, Michele Michaels, Mindi Barney, Amy Peterson, and Adrienne Taggart). Your long hours dedicated to the PTA and Foothills Elementary are much appreciated!

From Allison Strang (our outgoing President): It has been a great year for the PTA at Foothills Elementary this year. We would like to thank all of the volunteers who have helped us out this year. The PTA board, room parents and all of you who have volunteered for our activities and for all of you who help our teachers in the classroom. We had much success with our fundraising and because of that all of the PTA programs were funded. We were also able to give grants to the school for field trips and assemblies. The PTA wants to thank you for all you do for our teachers and for our school.