Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2nd - 6th for A, B, & C Tracks. May 9th - 13th for D Track.

Greetings Earthlings!

We are excited to introduce our theme and activities for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Show your Teacher what a Bright Star they are in your Universe!

Meteor Monday – Give your teacher a ‘meteor shower!’ Bring in a star as unique as you are! Make a star at home and adorn it with words, poems, stories, and/or pictures to let your teacher know how ‘stellar’ they are!

‘To Infinity’ Tuesday – Teachers supplies are always running low! Help your teacher by bringing in an item or two from the ‘Classroom Donation List.’ Make sure your teacher has what they need to take your class ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’

Warp Speed Wednesday – The school year is going by at warp speed! Make sure your teacher knows how much you appreciate them! Bring in a recent picture of yourself with your name, date, and a few words of thanks for your teacher to keep.

Thoughtful Thursday in space – Say or do something thoughtful for your teacher today. Make sure their ‘space’ is filled with positivity! Get cosmically creative with this one!

Flying Saucer Friday – Identify your teachers’ U.F.O. (Ultimate Favorite Obsessions!) Support your teacher by wearing their favorite color, bringing in their favorite treat, singing their favorite song, etc…You can also support your teacher by cheering them on in the galactic games flying saucer frizbee golf tournament in the gym. Cheer for your teacher as they compete for prizes and make them feel like a star!!!

For specific information on what your child's class is doing to celebrate contact your room parent.