School Open for Regular School, Tuesday Sept. 21st

*Updated 4:00 pm*

The Jordan School District Site now says that all schools will be open tomorrow, September 21st.


*Update 5:30 am*

The Jordan District Site says the following:

School Closure Information for Sept. 20
  • Due to the significant impact of the fire surrounding Herriman City, the following schools will be CLOSED on Monday, Sept. 20:
  • Herriman High School
  • Fort Herriman Middle School
  • Butterfield Canyon Elementary
  • Herriman Elementary
  • Foothills Elementary
  • Silver Crest Elementary
  • Reasons for school closures:
  • Large numbers of students have been displaced from their homes due to mandatory evacuation.
  • Schools need time for the smoke to dissipate within the building.
  • It’s anticipated that some areas of the fire may not be entirely extinguished by Monday.
  • City and County officials indicate there will be significant traffic congestion and disruption as individuals are allowed to return to their homes.
  • The high school is being used as the emergency shelter facility for all displaced families.

NOTE: Information regarding whether school will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 21 will be made available at www.jordandistrict.org and through TV and radio.

Updated 11:30pm

The PTA president got a call from Mrs. Yost. It still has not been decided if Foothills will be closed tomorrow due to the smoke in the air. Please check the 5:00 am news for any closure announcements.

If school is closed PTA will try to get the word out through the room parents.

The school district website will have closure information for all local schools, but as of right now is crashed due to high volume. www.jordandistrict.org

Will update this site as new information comes in.