Where Does PTA's Money Go?

We have launched our Jog-a-thon fundraiser for A & D tracks. Our fundraising goal is $15,000. You may be asking yourself: "Where does all that money go?"

We all know that Utah is last in the nation in per pupil spending. That's $3,983 less than the national average* per pupil. Our teachers work for less with less.

Foothill's PTA wants to support teachers by helping to pay for activities, equipment and programs beyond what the school is able to provide.

Here are some of the things Foothills PTA will be doing this year:

Red Ribbon Week

Safety Fair


Field Day

Class Parties

Room Parents

Student Recognition

Book Fairs

SEP Dinners for Teachers

In addition to these programs our PTA would also like to provide money for teacher's grants. This money would be made available to teachers to spend on special things that they wouldn't otherwise be able to purchase.

If PTA reaches our goal, we will donate $6,000 to pay for field trips this year. If we don't reach our goal we will donate 30% of what we do earn.

Every dollar we raise over our basic goals will allow us to offer bigger grants to teachers and also to fund other worthy programs like Junior Engineering.

PTA can make a big difference in our school, but we need your support.

PTA is only allowed one fundraiser per year so let's make it count.

PTA is only allowed one fundraiser per year.** Let’s make it count!

*Utah Still Ranks Last in School Spending; Salt Lake Tribune 7/28/09

**Community Council also holds one fundraiser per year. Community Council is a separate entity from PTA.